Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to Chateau Jade - Infamous ligitimate femdom house! Bangkok

It is not necessary to repeat how Chateau Jade remains the best and legitimate place of Bangkok where Dommes are not those kind of Pimp girls you can find in the bars and said "Fetish Club"... WE WONT SUPPORT ANY KIND OF THOSE "DISNEY" Dommes and said fetish bars of BKK and the rest of the South Eastern Asia !!!

In Chateau Jade, each Mistress play BDSM with a certain passion and conviction. More than a dungeon, it is a REAL BDSM INVOLVED HOUSE where quality sessions are provided! The pallace works many years, now! It wascreated by well etablished fetish people and they know what they do!
Chateau jade is featuring 5 Dragon Ladies, Mistress Oh, Mistress Than, Mistress Wenesday, Mistress Dol and Mistress Emerald. They provide excellent sessions and training. the place is enough large for a large play of BDSM games. They also include dinner and debauchery. The Dungeon is well equiped wit a lot of instrument and furniture. Chateau Jade was qualified as the FINEST DOMINATION DUNGEON PLACE and we strongly recommand our Visitors in Thailand to contact them and have fun !!!
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