Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome Mistress Yurika from TOKYO - JAPAN

At the moment seeing her, whoever would accept she is the "Mistress".

She is not only "beautiful", she is intelligent, elegant, and it's notable that she is

"born Domina".

Her domination is in full position where ever you are. She is born and grow up in

International city of Tokyo and loves travelling with her subs.

Kneel to the Mistress Yurika, then, you will find your happiness as slave!

To access Mistress Yurika's website CLICK THERE

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome Mistress Emerald - Bangkok

She is the youngest Dragon lady of Chateau Jade and she learns very fast how to have control on slaves, sissies and subs. She starts to get the well serious experience of Chateau Jade, the best and finest mentor!!! Mistress Emerald is exploring many aspects of BDSM plays and she really enjoy subs surrending at her feet... Give to her your devotion and your soul. She knows how to use them for her personal pleasure. Click on her name bellow

Welcome Mistress Dol - Bangkok

Mistress Dol is a lovely young Mistress with almost five years of experience as switch. She usually assits Mistress April in session but she can hold your training and submission needing with the control of another Mistress (she never work in solo). Don't trust on her angel face! She is very demanding and strict. She is well experienced on bondage and discipline. Supervising slaves and subs in training... have a look on

Welcome Mistress Wenesday - Bangkok

She is a such gorgeous Mistress!!! She has height years experience on many aspects of BDSM Plays and she invites Slaves and subs to have a look on her profile. She offering quality sessions between fire and ice! Mistress Wenesday enjoys many different games where she can control slaves, sissies and subs... Contact her if you dare to surrender at her feet.
Mistress Wenesday

Welcome Mistress Oh - Bangkok

Mistress Oh is a four years experienced Lady domme with a stunning prestance! She really enjoy playing with slaves and sissies. She well practise punishment and knows how to humiliate men. Having an experience with this stunning Mistress can be very memorable! If you want to devote and surrender yourself... have a look on her own page, there
Mistress Oh

welcome Mistress Than - Bangkok

Mistress Tahn is well experienced Mistress with nine years being in the scene. She can be an angel as she can be devil! This lovely dominant lady is performing on many different aspect of BDSM play and invite well devoted slaves and sissy maid to contact her. Come to surrender yourself !!!
click there Mistress Than

Welcome to Chateau Jade - Infamous ligitimate femdom house! Bangkok

It is not necessary to repeat how Chateau Jade remains the best and legitimate place of Bangkok where Dommes are not those kind of Pimp girls you can find in the bars and said "Fetish Club"... WE WONT SUPPORT ANY KIND OF THOSE "DISNEY" Dommes and said fetish bars of BKK and the rest of the South Eastern Asia !!!

In Chateau Jade, each Mistress play BDSM with a certain passion and conviction. More than a dungeon, it is a REAL BDSM INVOLVED HOUSE where quality sessions are provided! The pallace works many years, now! It wascreated by well etablished fetish people and they know what they do!
Chateau jade is featuring 5 Dragon Ladies, Mistress Oh, Mistress Than, Mistress Wenesday, Mistress Dol and Mistress Emerald. They provide excellent sessions and training. the place is enough large for a large play of BDSM games. They also include dinner and debauchery. The Dungeon is well equiped wit a lot of instrument and furniture. Chateau Jade was qualified as the FINEST DOMINATION DUNGEON PLACE and we strongly recommand our Visitors in Thailand to contact them and have fun !!!
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To direct access click there Chateau Jade