Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"WELCOME at LA SIORA" 20 pages comic by Laurent Lebeau

La Siora was a well infamous Tokyo dungeon... This 20 pages comic is an introduction of the Mistresses and the dungeon. A sissy maid is hired by La Siora to be a permanent servant to clean the place and take care of the Goddesses. When he will get introduced, he will make a such a mistake by confusing A Mistress who is wearing Maid uniform... The punishment will be hard.
All the pages are in color and well drawn by the french artist. I remind you Laurent has participated on some Dungeon decoration and hs been publishedon many magazine you can have the comic via his own website catalogue page
several other illustrated stories and comic are featured ... to order that comic click there Pay Attention!!! this page is private and you have to add the following password "lebeau" to access the page

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